The Shaidee

Shaidee™ is cool, comfortable and soft for baby and you - and it's machine washable!


Shaidee™ is light weight! Only 4.5 oz/127.5g - it weighs less than your smart phone!


Shaidee™ is one size fits all - Shaidee™ fits everyone with an adjustable backing!


Shaidee™ is compatible with most carriers and slings! Shaidee also fits on car seats and most strollers - a multi-use item!


Shaidee™ is wind resistant - it stays secure in the strongest of breezes!


PLUS: Shaidee™ has its own convenient and stylish storage bag included with every purchase!


and we say it stands for:

Innovation – what we strive for every day to bring innovative products to the market

Independence – what our products help our customers achieve

Ingenuity – the fuel that propels Shaidee every day

Price $41.99