NEW Kidco Hearthgate Auto Close



Kidco Auto Close HearthGate Fireplace Safety Gate
Kidco AutoClose White Configuregate option is available NOW with extensions (2 would be required to make the same size version of the Hearthgate in White)

HearthGate Child Safety Gate helps you babyproof your fireplace.
  • Use to childproof fireplaces of any shape or size.
  • Automatically locks every time! A magnet system pulls the door closed to lock the door section.
  • Special button can be used to hold the door open so it won't close automatically so it's easy to walk through the doorway.
  • Gate can be easily removed from mounting hardware. Door section is 30" with a 23" extra wide door opening which you can place anywhere in the gate.
  • Made of heavy duty steel.
  • Measures 31" high.
  • Basic 5 piece gate measures 132" long (fits a 6' opening).
  • Can add optional 9" (G4301) and 24" Extensions (G4311) for larger areas or to use as a freestanding play area. 

Item #G3100

Price $249.99