How long have you been in business?

Babyproofit was founded by The Zwicky Family in 2010 , and is a pioneer company in the industry in Victoria BC.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies depending on each individual situation.  The two most important factors in determining cost is the size of your home and how much baby proofing you want to do. You will receive an itemized estimate (safety products and labor) via email within 24 hours of the home safety assessment - you then have several options to help stay within your budget: we can do it all for you (most customers select this option), you can pick and choose, even break it up in phases as your child develops, or do it on your own.

When should I baby proof my home?

Ideally, you should baby proof your home before your child becomes mobile and inquisitive. Keep in mind, mobility includes rolling, pushing backward, trying to pull up - not just crawling and walking.

Will you install products I purchased on my own?

There are lots of child safety products on the market. Some are top quality products, others are not. We would install products you may have already purchased if, in our experience and opinion, we know the products are safe, reliable and effective. We stand behind any product that you purchase from us.

Why should I use Babyproofit to baby proof my home?

We sell and install the best safety products, in our judgment. All of the manufactured products we use are warrantied. We balance safety with aesthetics. We take great pride in our work and know that your child is your most important asset. Would you trust yourself to handle your baby’s medical needs or college investments, then why would you try to make your home safer for your child without our help? We are very proficient at what we do, we are expert installers, we work quickly and efficiently.

Do you have solutions for pets as well as babies?

Yes, we have several gates to prevent dogs from having access to certain areas of the home and solutions to allow cats to roam while keeping cat litter boxes out of reach of babies.

What is your return policy ?

30 days from delivery. A 10% restocking fee will apply.

Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured.

How long does it take to baby proof a home?

On average, most city apartments take about 2 hours to baby proof while a single-family, two story home typically takes about 4 hours. And, the best part is there is nothing you need to do to get ready for us. 

Are there any Tax Credits for families for your services? 

(See Below)  A response from the current Minister of Finance, to our latest inquiry for families from October 19th 2010