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Earthquake Prepardeness from Babyproofit :
Here are some Great links for Safety on Earthquakes !
Check off the items for your 72–hour emergency kit as you accumulate them :


Babyproofit Holiday Safety Tips!

Set up your tree and other holiday decorations outside of your child's main play area, if possible, or put up a safety gate to block entry to that area : see our Hearthgate or ConfigureGate for corner areas (Mobile for the fireplace as well, with a Santa friendly door !) or Playden for the middle of the room. Also consider keeping the lower branches free of lights and ornaments.

Also make sure when guests come that exposed outlets are covered too.




www.childseatinfo.ca or phone the Child Seat Information line 1-877-247-5551 (toll-free).

BC Automobile Association Traffic Safety Foundation For a list of recalled car seats, Or, call the BCAA Traffic Safety Child Seat Info Line toll-free 1-877-247-5551.


 http://www.healthycanadians.gc.ca/index-eng.php Health  Canada

http://www.cpsc.gov/ U.S Consumer Recalls

Emergency Information for Greater Victoria

B.C Nurses Line Toll-free: 866-215-4700

Police, Fire, Ambulance phone 911

Poison Control Center, phone 1 800 567 8911

Air or Marine Emergency 1 800 567 5111 or cellular 311CRISIS & Information Line, FOR persons in emotional crisis, phone 386 6323 

Provincial Emergency Program (Earthquake, Flood, Dangerous Goods Spilled, Tsunami) Coastal Watch, (suspected illegal activities at sea...phone 1 800 885 6655 

Crime Stoppers, (suspect any illegal activity or witness illegal activity)...phone 386 8477

Electric Emergencies, phone 1 888 769 3766 BC Hydro

Gulf Islands, Electric, phone 1 800 567 5885 

Natural Gas, phone 388 6944 

Forest Fires, phone 1 800 567 8911 


For a Full Safety Tips Booklet please contact us !