We start the personalized childproofing process with an in-home child safety consultation. We will go room by room assessing hazards and locating hidden ones while making note of all the child safety devices that are required to reduce these potential home dangers.

Child safety consultants are educators first, and their mission is to impart vital safety information specific to your home and decor.
Babyproofit excels in solving difficult or out of the ordinary safety issues that are not easily addressed with the installation of a standard child safety device. The average home inspection could take up to 1.5 hours and the cost is determined on a per hour basis or FREE with the purchase of one of our Safety Gates. (browse our Safety Gates)
This comes with a comprehensive safety information kit to get you started. We finish with with a comprehensive Safety Evaluation and Checklist.



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The installer will discuss your requirements in order to determine what materials/products will be needed for the proofing. The installation cost is determined on a per hour basis ($65) and can normally be done in the same day, which can take up to 2 hours for an apartment or 4 hours for a home, depending on size. All of this information will be quoted and provided to you by the consultant.  Sometimes the consultation and installation can be completed on the same day. The installer will discuss this possibility with you.